"The Aces Are Coming" lyrics


"The Aces Are Coming"

we come from the corner of our beautiful homeland to rise and show our fury. armed with the spirit of victorian state pride, headfirst into victory we slide. they try to run and we fly right by. we are the biggest army anyone has ever seen. we'll march right into melbourne town. maverick will fly in the red, blue and the white. you'll never see us back down. they'll try their best but we'll fly right by. the aces are coming, they'll swing for the stands so raise your glass, everyone sing true: "three cheers for the red, white and blue". we'll step up to the plate in the traditional way and end this thing with a single swing. dust up from the mound as the crowd's up getting loud and it's onto finals victory. we'll take our chance and we'll fly right by.

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