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i'm sleeping on the floor. my bed hasn't been made in days. i'm wearing an old t-shirt; white, though it has coffee stains. i should quit the caffeine - it's keeping me awake. it's dark and i like it, when it's light, my body shakes. i can spell your name using letters from the newspaper, the envelopes you left or maybe the labels from your shoes. i could sell our things but i'm afraid that you'll come home. i'm always so afraid of nothing - like radiation from my mobile phone. I USED TO BE A SUPERHERO BUT NOW, I KEEP WAITING FOR YOU TO SAVE ME. did you forget that i miss you? because i did for a moment - it was the brightest second i think i've ever experienced, but then i was shot back here like a crying cannonball and i curled up, foetus-like, on this wood-panelled floor. you and i said this was over - in our hearts we knew it was the right thing to do, but remember when i said, "i don't love you anymore"? well, i'd like to take that back. yeah, i'd like to take that back.

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