"Revenge In E Major" lyrics


"Revenge In E Major"

i smiled, but my heart sank in the back of the room painted blue. "we're best off as friends. you're the best one that i ever knew." the silence that followed could've been killed off with barely a noise, but then, i stayed quiet and kept falling in love with you. the ground caught my attention. my shoes garnered strength enough to move. i stood and cleared my throat and began to stumble upon my words. the look that you gave me could've told me where our future lies but then, i looked downwards and kept falling in love with you. I KNOW THAT I'M SECOND BEST AND REMEMBER YOU TOLD ME THAT I'D FAIL THE TEST (IF I TRIED)? SO I DON'T! i'm sorry if i failed you and misread the meaning of dinner for two. the chocolates; they have melted and the roses have found better use, so i sat here at home in this fishbowl that i bought for two and then, didn't call you but kept falling in love with you. baby, there's lies and there's lies and there's leading someone on, and despite the fact that i cannot stand you, i rode past your house while you ate and i saw you with somebody else and i did not know his name - and so, i lit a fire and i watched your house burn down in flames. I KNOW THAT I WAS SECOND BEST. AS THE POLICE SIRENS CAME, MY HEART BEAT LOUD IN ITS CHEST AND I STOOD, WATCHED YOU BURN, THEN I LEFT.

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