"Oh Penny!" lyrics


"Oh Penny!"

i come from the southernmost point
of the mainland, brought up right
stood on my feet before i could cheat
with the cards crashing down
i met a young girl in the years of my youth,
oh my god, i can still hear her laugh
penny was beauty, she was all i could think of
until i took the chance & asked her out

oh penny, where you gonna be
at around about midnight tonight?
oh penny, won’t you stay with me?
we’ll see in the morning light.

well, I joined the union when i turned of age,
just like my daddy did
building the buildings, giving Melbourne a face,
but i was still just a kid
i vowed to continue to raise the money
because penny’s worth her weight in gold
when she turns 24, i think i might marry her
and we can be together ‘til we’re old

now i’m pushing thirty, my job’s a drag,
penny’s grown up and moved on
i heard she married dan (who’s a big shot businessman)
i guess you never know what you’ve got

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