"My Seafaring Home" lyrics


"My Seafaring Home"

we've travelled far and wide from the east to the west side
i'm sick of the sight of the good old boys
i'm ready to come home
this rickety pile of wood is my seafaring home
but i know that it's time to return
i'm making my way back home

the captain is a bastard with a cat of nine tailed whip
if I had the stones, there would
be mutiny on this ship
i've seen enough of shorelines, i've seen what God has made
my heart belongs in Liverpool
where i can still get laid

in the name of what is holy and in the name of what is true
this won't be my final story, not with miles left in these shoes
and in the name of my own mother and in the name of Liverpool
ten minutes after i get home, i'll wish i was far away from you

the crew all smell like salt mines and the ship smells like a fish
my nostrils are all covered up
lord grant me this one wish
shirtless days and lonely nights with enemies and friends
lazy bones everyday
it drives you round the bend

the drinking can get numbing when the songs are all old hat
you know the food is awful when
the highlight's the ship's cat
be still my lonely heartbeats, they call me home too soon
to the restless streets of liverpool
where i'll come back to you

so i swallow my pride, i burn the oil,
i break my bones and yearn for soil
i stand alone, a victory march,
a sullen look and a broken heart
i stand tall and dream on for you

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