"Lone Pine" lyrics


"Lone Pine"

staring up into the solar system, we tried to find our way in the dark. we didn't know any better, we never knew any better. move on... so it was that we were out in the night, just a bunch of kids not looking for a fight. we were only nineteen, some were even less. move on... WE WERE SENT TO DIE. WE WERE GIVEN NO REASON WHY AND AS WE KISSED OUR MUMS GOODBYE (whoa oh...). the Aussies and the Kiwis were camped on the Nile, when we got the message: "it's Johnny Turk's time to die." we answered yes to the British Army. even though it was suicide, we moved on... when we landed at the cove at the start of August, the Battle of Lone Pine had begun in earnest. as our men were falling quickly, the British officers drank their tea and moved on... WE WERE SENT TO DIE, WE WERE GIVEN NO REASON WHY AND AS WE SAID OUR LAST GOODBYE (whoa oh...). i lost friends that i called brothers in those four days of the Turkish summer, and as my grandkids wheel me down Swanston Street to the Shrine of Remembrance, i will take off my trilby hat. i will remember them. we will remember them. WE WERE SENT TO DIE, WE WERE GIVEN NO REASON WHY AND I SALUTE MY FRIENDS TONIGHT (whoa oh...).

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