"I Forget What I'm Doing Here" lyrics


"I Forget What I'm Doing Here"

this river life is one of coal. a life of sweat, blood and broken souls. the harbour is no better, makes me want to take the gun, but the unforgiveable that will send us to an even greater hell keeps me from suicide, keeps me awake at night. WITH NO BEGINNING AND WITH NO END. IT'S JUST A CIRCLE, A GRADUAL BEND. WE'RE MOVING FORWARD, WE'RE DOOMED TO REPEAT. WHEN FACED WITH THE FLAMES, WE'RE FEARING RETREAT... I FORGET WHAT I'M DOING HERE. we make a plan and all draw straws – one gun, two witnesses, a score. we watch our father take his friend, realise we're all equals in the end. the laws have loopholes and i find myself sinking deeper in. win-win all round, they say, win-win again. to jump the flames, uneasy start, and no, it really ain't that hard. i see my killer drawing near, he'll find a place beside me here. my friends and family and the promises of a greater life. win-win all round, they say, win-win again and again and again. i forget what i'm doing here.

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