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i'm not part of the exhibit. i'm not part of what i thought. i'm broken boned but i'm not alone. i'm not taking no for answers, i'm just stuck here doing time. whiling away the seconds until it's time to shine. i know i'll never be a rockstar/celebrity but i'll play my role as i see fit and i'm happier by far. it's cool to be the unknown, the band with a big heart. i'd rather sing these songs than go tearing up the charts. i've got two left feet for dancing but i've got a singing voice. i've also got a couple dollars to spend up at the bar. my friends; they are the champions, they're the best i've had by far. i've had my hardest year and know who my best friends are... SO I'LL SING THIS SONG I KNOW AND KNOW I'LL NEVER BE ALONE WHEN YOU'RE AROUND ME... and this may seem quite pathetic, as if i'm looking for a hug, but it was the worst twelve months of my life and i thought i was burning bridges, as if the road ahead was too far, but i found out my universe was just waiting for six new stars. i'm still not part of the exhibit but i know i'm doing fine. life is still a struggle to stay inside the lines and i won't take no for an answer when i ask you to join the band until this hourglass filters out its final grain of sand.

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