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i was born in a shed on the old family farm. my dad tended horses and sang as he worked, and from when i was small until the day i stood tall, he sang me a song as i slept by the fire. "YOU WILL ROAM. YOU WILL FLY TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. YOU WILL SEE MANY THINGS I CAN'T SHOW YOU BUT AS FAR AS YOU ROAM, AS YOU WALK DOWN THAT ROAD, NEVER FORGET YOUR OLD IRISH DAD." now from a young age, i knew i'd see the world - to live in new york was my dream and as i stood five feet high, saw the manhattan sky, in my heart i would hear my father sing. when i turned 24, i spent the day drinking at a bar up in brooklyn, new york, and as i got home i could just hear the phone. i answered and my mum said "he's dead." my feet gave way and my heart did break. as my mum told me he was so proud that i made it to the states, it didn't matter a jolt. i'd never again hear my old father sing. I WILL ROAM. I WILL FLY TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. I WILL SEE MANY THINGS YOU CAN'T SHOW ME BUT AS FAR AS I ROAM, AND AS I WALK DOWN THAT ROAD, I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU, ME OLD IRISH DAD.

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