"A Sailor's Lament" lyrics


"A Sailor's Lament"

i come from around these parts (i stand alone)
i’ve sailed many seas and years (i stand alone)
i’ve drunk and i’ve sobered up in the sun (i stand alone)
i’ve stood at the forehead and faced the big waves (i stand alone)

and i dance to the beat of my heart

i went to my home but no-one was there (i stand alone)
i fought for my name and my country the same (i stand alone)
i’ve broken my nose, my hands to the bones (i stand alone)
i’d still do it again for my country and friends (i stand alone)

no girl could i tame in the years of my youth (i stand alone)
though i’ve had my chance to sow seeds of romance (i stand alone)
the air of the sea still calls out to me (i stand alone)
and my tears i will save for when i’m six in the grave (i stand alone)

and we'll dance to the beat of our hearts

Thanks to Mad Steve for these lyrics

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