"This Day Will Never End" lyrics


"This Day Will Never End"

I married sorrow
In the winter
Forgot Summer, Spring, and Fall
Asked you to hold my hand
And make my world feel small
I felt it like fire
When you walked up
Pulled my heart out
With desire and said
“There’s no room for love in you at all”

Could I have loved you
If I tried
The backseat I took to depression
I defined, I think about it all the time

Well I went to church
On a Sunday
Felt God in my feet
Told me to “kick out all the teeth”
Of the people
Who were hurting me
I walked out
To the concrete
Felt the hot ground
Burn my cold feet
The sun’s reminder that this pain is free.

Could I have shown them if I tried
The backseat I took to depression I defined
As the space between my center and my mind
Look at the men who went before me, its a lie
Every one lived a hollow life.

I can try to bleed
Or carry on the same
I can numb myself
Avoid the constant pain
But you see me
In the darkness
Keep your hand on me
Though I’m shaking
And unconscious
I am trying
Pull me over

This day grows old but it never ends

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