"Going For The Oscar" lyrics


"Going For The Oscar"

Well I'd like to thank the academy for recognition of my work,
In the category of breaking hearts I've held my own.
And it seems to me that you're tryna be the one to bring me down again,
You can't speak cause talk is cheap when you don't make sense.

Listen up!

So shut your mouth and sit back down,
I'm afraid you failed this test.
Waited a long time to say this,
I'm up on the A-list!
Well baby, you're B-list at best.

Well I'm looking down at the nominees as I'm standing on this stage,
And I detect a hint of jealousy in their gaze.
Well I'm just that damn good says Hollywood and you're inclined to agree,
When you're asked if you're a fan, why wouldn't you be?



[Hook - Dann Walling solo:]
Shut your mouth and sit back down,
You pull me up to put me down.
Am I everything you still want me to be?
Shut your mouth and sit back down,
Can't stop us I promise now.
So shut your mouth!



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