"Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful" lyrics


"Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful"

sometimes, you forget I'm there
so I nudge you to let you know
that I'll never go away
in this case, I sort of crashed through you
your legs can't take the weight of my dreary heart
so we both fall

except this time, you get to get up
and be something to somebody else
I'm not so lucky, I guess
I'm going nowhere fast

it seems like we're doing something new
if it's cool, I'd rather not look at you
I'd rather stay dumb
but it's hard when my hea'd stuck in the clouds
my feel are firmly stapled to the ground
it's a total fucking drag

I don't wanna talk about it
it's just running in circles and breaking my heart
I'll believe almost anything
I'll tell you when to start again

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