"Revenge Of The Fifth" lyrics


"Revenge Of The Fifth"

Exceeds them all, the modern ages elements
The human spirit, the depth within it
Keep standing tall, and don't dismiss it's relevance
Our primal mission, to keep on living
Yields compassion, won't learn our lesson
We live in fear, we die free
I can't take this analogy
I won't be herded by no shepherd
And bow before no others ever
Live in fear, be sedate
Let's crash through heaven's pearly gates
And live our lives with moral compass
Instead of blaming those above us
Grant the license, push for all
The refugee, the weak, the small
Underdogs, the person scorned
And every life blessed to be born

A special blend psychosis
And everybody present knows this
Bust apart from other species
Breaks the world that we've been leasing
Another breath of stagnant air
The genes cabinet is bare
And children starve, no sustenance
They can't eat currency you print
Extraction minds the minds' eye
We profit all and then we die
But tell me will your gods be bought
From all the riches that you've sought
The riches that you've sought

Thanks to Alan Alencar for these lyrics

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