"High Priced" lyrics


"High Priced"

Travelled off the beaten path to see you playing there ticket prices I don't understand charging fifty bucks to see a two bit major show just to hold a little of your hand I don't even really want to know how you deem to justify a fifty show I don't even really want to go I can do alot of things to carry on my life you're so high taking bribed and recking lives while on the campaign trail take a stop to get a push behind there's a knock to politics that makes me queaze inside fucking all the honest people blind I don't even really want to know try to make the promises that we've already thrown I don't even really want to go it makes all the voting seem like shit to throw us down you're so high priced yes now we see the falicy is gettin us all down now the masquerading is an act all we need to thank the crowd is thank em for the act then the lights go out and it's just black.

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