"Broken" lyrics



What have I become

Forget the man you used to know, he's buried deep inside,
This empty vessel used to bear a fruitful state of mind,
Remember when I wasn't just a face trapped inside a frame,
Trying to salvage what's left of the life I used to claim,

Trust me when I say,
That all hope is lost,
We've gotten this far,
Let us break down these walls,

Walk me to the edge,
Will I sink or swim,

These vices won't hold me down,
I've grown more and more immune to this pain,
Every second that my feet are on the ground,

I think it's safe to say,
I've lost my way before,
The broken path ahead,
I'll pave with sincere intentions,
I don't regret losing sight of myself,
We all learn from our mistakes and grow,
And this seed that I've planted within,
Will destroy temptation and cleanse my soul of sin,

Break my heart, break my bones,
I'll mend the pieces and move on.

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