"We Were Brothers" lyrics


"We Were Brothers"

My brothers I’ve failed you
I’ve strayed from the path
Gave up my heart for another’s skin
My dear wolves take my flesh for warmth, it has no use for me now
Take in this air, the mountainside has spoken
Leaving the earth and river to die
Under this lifelessness there’s something more
Something I swear raging deep inside

I can see that everything has changed

Betrayal and lustful eyes
Cave in the core tear me open from the inside
All that I’ve lost in false hopes for gain
The man I was once and the man I became
Letting this out
Hold me from the inside
Wish I could change and I wish it was me

I'm scared for my heart cause it's scared for me
When I crawled up your stairs I remember it vividly
A conscious thief of what I use to be and a world of words I never wanted to leave
And if I took it back I would never know the cost
We were brothers before my hands
And I'm sorry that I took my share
And I'm sorry that I never cared enough
But maybe this was meant to be

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