"Heaven Has A Heater" lyrics


"Heaven Has A Heater"

Head to the suburbs where the income is salt
A wall of history for keeping them hounds out
I got a secret
I got a secret
Kicked right out of hideouts
He had a brain that was built inside of four square walls
Chewing on plastic
Teeth getting bigger
Spread some salt into that wound
Cause theres an invitation
You've been waiting so long for
There will conversations
There will be blood in the kitchen tonight
So honey bring in your brass band
A telegram with intention
I saw the robbers of your face appear
In the bathroom window
Were playing saxophones out in the front lawn
And in the bathroom stalls there keeping there signs out
And with two statues yeah we got room up there to move
I know ten people who know ten more
Heavens got a heater heavens got a heater
Your a background horse

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