"Doctors & Lawyers" lyrics


"Doctors & Lawyers"

Doctors and the lawyers
Or the business men
Keep me crawling on the floor with my head in my hands
Like a rhino on the street touching everyone
Or like a tiger cub
Fire up those chariots and give those children guns
Moving like cattle on the living room floor
1000 stories baby just to say 1 word
Teeth are like razors
Cutting rugs
Death to the people in windows jumping jumping
All gonna feel alright
When they get the fire and water together and working
Gonna feel alright
Its alright yeah
Take me to the hospital
I feel alright
Tied up like a cat on chains
That's been keeping me up all night
Running rabid like a rat racing in a maze
Eating and drinking
Walk to work walk to work
In a self made daze
Wearing my shoes out

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