"Birds" lyrics



Living it up
In an apartment
Living it up
By a convenient store
It was thorn in my side
It was a thorn
It was a carpenters line
It was a thorn
Deliver me
I want to see your hands
Deliver me
From a sea of questions
Do you like birds
Do you like real big birds
Do you like great big birds
This is the biggest bird I've ever seen
The biggest building brought me down on my knees
The wolves were spreading on the island
You change your life around add verbs to everything
Cover your head when there is action
I woke up stumbling still staring at my shoes
The devil lay across my bedspread
Your friends are kings and queens and there heading for the noose
They'll hang like gamefish by the morning
Buy a new shirt
Buy some new shoes
And a new jacket
Way out west they build elevators
They build relationships there filling up empty boxes
And 1000 drummers playing 1000 songs saying
1000 rights equal 1000 wrongs
Don't you sharpen your teeth and your wits on children
You need some answers well you already got em
This is a harbor of boats and there aren't any sailors
This is a forest of snipers and theres not any cover

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