"Here's To Life" lyrics


"Here's To Life"

How did Camus really die that night?
Were they right?
When he died was it really his time?
Or was it suicide?

And Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine
We go drinking from time to time
And I find
It gets harder every time

Three went down (But only two of them come up again)
The minimal is criminal but less is a sin
Though three went down (But only two of them come up again)
I'm not going to play if there ain't no way I'll win

Hemingway never seemed to mind
The banality of a normal life
And I find it gets harder every time

So he aimed the shotgun into the blue,
Placed his face in between the two
And sighed:
Here's to Life!


Hey there Salinger, what did you do?
Just when the world was looking to you
To write anything that meant anything,
You told us you were through

And it's been years since you passed away,
But I see no plaque, and I see no grave
And I can't help believing that
You wanted it that way

And Vincent Van Gogh, why do you weep?
You were on your way to heaven
But the road was steep
And who was there to break your fall?
We're guilty, one and all

And I don't know much,
But I do know this:
With a golden heart comes a rebel fist
And every single soldier wasn't fired,
Some have quit

And it makes me sick when I think of it:
All my heroes could not live with this
And I hope you rest in peace
Because with us you never did.
And KDC you were much too young
And you changed my life
But I draw the line at suicide,
So here's to life!

Thanks to Andrew Webber for these lyrics

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