"Dear Sergio" lyrics


"Dear Sergio"

Run, run, run all you do is fucking run
but you'll never run away from yourself
I know it's hard but you've been there
before and you know you're gonna be there again.
I don't care what the stars may say
because they always feed their bullshit to me
It's kinda sad how you lost what you had
And you're never gonna have it again
and so I say:

Hey Sergio, it's getting kind of hot in here
And so I say:
Hey Sergio, you've got to get us out of here
And so I say:

Every other day you don't care what they say
because they always leave you two steps behind
You try to smile and it lasts for a while
but they always send you back to the start.
Eenie meenie miney mo they shoot down everyone
you know and then they leave you there all alone
You wish they'd stop but they never give up
and you know deep inside that you're stuck
and so I say:


Sergio laughed for the last time today,
He said "It never really bothered me: we all have dues to pay"
Like a man that's cut off at the knee,
he hobbles and hobbles because nothing is free
So wake up, wake up, wake up but don't cry
because you'll fuck up your make up and if you do,
you won't get laid, you won't make money, no you won't get paid
So you act so free, you act so free,
everybody's happy because you act so free
Well you might fool them,
but you can't fool me with your mindless chatter like
"I don't need them, I don't need help"
I don't even need to see the end


Thanks to Andrew Webber for these lyrics

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