"Revenge Fantasy #427" lyrics


"Revenge Fantasy #427"

When the revolution comes
I'll be on the fucking moon
You'll eat your hat in my telescope lens
Turn your back and seal your doom
Watch out, watch out, there are monsters underneath your bed
And skeletons hiding in your closet
Have heard every single thing you've said
But you know it doesn't really matter much to me
That's just the way it's always gonna be
People are taking to the streets
You didn't watch enough tv
To know what's happening all the time
Nothing ever lasts forever
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself
It's later than you think
They're taking everything you have
Everything but the kitchen sink
Ah, but you know it doesn't matter much to me
That's just the way it's always gonna be
And please believe it'll all come crashing down someday
You don't believe it'll all go up in smoke one day
And I'm aware someone worse might take your place
I just hope I'm there to see the look on your face

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