"Me & My Shadow" lyrics


"Me & My Shadow"

Too much time spent sitting in darkness
Sinking into paranoia and sickness
Knowing all along someone has planned this
Right from the start, right from the start

Now every shadow is hiding a secret
Close your windows but they can still see you
So many tentacles trying to reach you
To crush your heart, to crush your heart

Now you're all alone, this ain't the way home
You can't trust anyone anymore, anymore
You're at your wits end, you're not among friends
You're gunna be, be, be, be sick
It breaks your heart, it breaks your heart

Buildings loom tall and dark
Who called your name in the park?
Run back home
Now you'll never understand their reasons
And they're somewhere they know you can't see them
But their lies are like poison arrows
That they shoot right through your heart

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