"Fancy Pants" lyrics


"Fancy Pants"

Hot pink, you’re walking down the street, I’d like to know you
A fancy prancey yummy treat, but what can I do

Al I wanted was a chance to see what’s in your fancy pants
But you turned and walked away, you left me here

What can I say, what can I do, I have to know you
I’m losing my mind, you know it’s true, I’m coming unglued

I drink when I’m happy, now I drink when I’m sad
I drink gasoline cause I’m stark raving mad
I can’t go to sleep and I can’t stay awake
I’m losing control for goodness sake

Now I’m all alone, I wish I never saw you standing there
I’d give my heart to you, I’d give you all I have but you don’t care

All I wanted was a chance to get into your fancy pants
But you turned into the moon, and I watched as you flew away

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