"Enemies Everywhere" lyrics


"Enemies Everywhere"

The ham handed hijinks of high minded highbrows
Shoplifting revolutionaries who wind up in the hooskow
Militiamen from Michigan are aiming at my head
I think I’ve had enough of this, I think I’ll go to bed

See I don’t go to the doctor’s cause doctors can’t be trusted
Mom says eat your vegetables but she can’t cut the mustard
All the walls are closing in and everything’s falling apart

Pie eyed utopians get kicked out the door
Hopeless idealists get left on the floor
Backhanded bureaucrats may not stay for tea
I hate everybody, cause everyone hates me

Me no talk to lawyer, cause him speak with forked tongue
Me no do my homework, and me no mow my lawn
All my friends are turning on me

Doctors and nurses with scalpels and scissors keep cutting and slicing away

I look around me
All I see are enemies today
Won’t somebody save me
Won’t somebody save me from myself

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