"Don't Touch That Thing" lyrics


"Don't Touch That Thing"

Don't touch that thing, you don't know where it's been
We brought it home, we don't know what it is
Keep it locked away where no one can find it
But its on my mind almost all the time
Well when you get right down to the matter
It's been all these years and things aren't getting better
Behind every sunny day, a shadow lies
Behind ever pair of smiling eyes
You gotta leave, leave, leave, leave, leave it alone
You gotta walk, walk, walk, walk, walk out the door
You gotta start, start, start all over again
Don't touch that thing, don't touch that thing
So I drive to the place where dark birds gather
To drink from pools of stagnant water
Clouds roll up and block the sun
I'm gonna drink through the rain with the radio on
But all the radio says is blah, blah blah
And the morning zoo goes ha, ha, ha
I shake my head and go ya, ya, ya
Drive home and stick my head in the oven
But the gas is turned off, so I watch tv
You say - all you ever do is watch tv
Eyes glaze over as darkness grows
Don't touch that thing, don't touch that thing
And I'm sorry, I'm so sorry now

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