"A Slippery Subject" lyrics


"A Slippery Subject"

Sing it again now, I feel so sick that I could die
I've been to the doctor, he already told me
There is nothing he can do
There's nothing wrong with me
That he can figure out
So why do I always feel like I'm falling apart from the inside out?
Sing it again now, I feel so lonesome I could cry
My friends all tell me it's all in my head now
They say I'm not even trying
I know they're right, I've been like this ever since I was small
I feel like the world's against me, like I've got my back up against the wall
So I just lay in bed all day
With ice on my head, but it's still the same
Just stare at the wall, what if I never feel ok
It's alright
Sing it again now, gotta admit what I know is true
I'm all broke down, cause I know I still want you
I'm just like everybody else
It's a slippery subject that we never talk about
It's always the same old shit
Makes us fall apart from the inside-out again

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