"I Tore You Apart In My Head" lyrics


"I Tore You Apart In My Head"

I tore you apart in my head
Locked up in my room again
Left you for broken and there you were choking
You got on with all your friends
And that's when I knew you were dead
A haunting reminder of when
I swallowed my own eyes to see what was inside
You broke me with your ignorance

I can't believe in what you're telling me
And I'd like to breathe
And oh my God, don't lose hope for me

I'm curious
I ask only questions
Ear to the floor
Every night I listen
I can't tell if you're being obvious
But I hear only nothing
Is that what you are to us in silence

Hate in these veins all again
And all that it leads to is sin
Fuck what you told me
It all leads to smoking
Alone in my room in the end
And that's when I knew I was dead
Worried sick from all that you said
Thank God I'm leaving all your deceiving
You broke me with your ignorance

Can't see past the bright light up in the sky
Never got it quite right
Never know, never try

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