"Wasting Oxygen" lyrics


"Wasting Oxygen"

The times they are a-changing
The land is growing pale
There are far too many people and no fresh air to inhale

But many do not know this, they live in a cocoon
Unhealthy and unmotivated, they wallow in their doom

And they think they don't harm you or me
But they're wasting oxygen, a scarce commodity
Just sit around wasting oxygen, they're miserable but free

Some say you deserve pity, you're a victim not a cause
Of the difficult socio-economic milieu and oppressive laws
But who can make a judgment, at the risk of sounding brash
You'd make the world a little better if you'd get up off your ass

And I'm sorry if this may sound terse
But you're wasting oxygen, you have no net worth
Just sit around wasting oxygen, just take up room on Earth
You're wasting oxygen

Everybody's got to deal with scarcity
There's just ain't enough to go around
But your value doesn't out weigh your cost to the world
But I know no one would cry if you were lost but never found

You're wasting oxygen [x4]
A scarce commodity, you're wasting oxygen!

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