"Time Of Need" lyrics


"Time Of Need"

Demo performed by Greg Graffin & Greg Hetson

Oh Gracie, he was good and cool
And he died at Allia Bay at a muddy little pool
Asked from no one and he got what he could
A plucking little berries and a climbing in the wood

Oh Gracie, what do you think of our planet right now?
Oh Gracie, you've seen a change and now you tell us how
Oh Gracie, help us out in our time of need

Oh Java, he was smart and young
He was able to be separated from all the other ones
His importance to all of us cannot be under-said
From his legs to his brain size and his flatter forehead

Oh Java, did we carry on as you'd have us do?
Oh Java, if you save us I will not believe it's true
Oh Java, help us out in our time of need

Oh Mollie, he was tender and meek
And he traveled on his own with his lambs for a week
Planted tons of grain and he fat that village down
And he watched his village grow into a tiny little town

Oh Mollie, can't you see what you've started here and now?
Oh Mollie, the long scale is never coming down
Oh Mollie, you have started our time of need

Oh Richie, they all say you are good
As you alter the environment and chop down the wood
I see it's just to fill your cars and keep your carpet clean
And they get your fucking input from the big blue screen

Oh Richie, can't you see you're a person in need?
Oh Richie, do you think Gracie was our progenitor seed?
Oh Richie, you're the last radiation on Earth
Oh Richie, it's the only thing left of any worth

Thanks to Brad Religion for these lyrics

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