"Blenderhead" lyrics



Flying through a dark prismatic tunnel on a carousel
The earth is turning and you know it very well
Your mind is reeling like ten helicopters wheeling
And you're gonna hit the ceiling like a mallet on a bell

Hey, blenderhead, they're starting to ask questions
Your transgressions are a danger flashing sign
Challenge conventions and radiate your splendor
And feel those flywheels churn your blenderhead, yeah

Tally up the gleaming ventured on a wishing well
Each shining trinket has a story it can tell
Your moment's pining like those tales all intertwining
Can become the rusted lining of a deep neglected shell

Hey, blenderhead, you ask so many questions
Your confusion's a life-affirming sign
Break from tradition and carry on with valor and feel
those flywheels churn your blenderhead, yeah

Thanks to Hugh Jass for correcting these lyrics

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