"Atheist Peace" lyrics


"Atheist Peace"

Maybe it's too late for intellectual debate
But a residue of confusion remains.
Oh, changing with the times and developmentally tortured minds
Are the average citizen's sources of pain.

Yeah (tell me what we're fighting for),
I don't remember anymore,
Only temporary reprieve.
And the world might cease
If we fail to tame the beast.
From the faith that you release
Comes an atheist peace.

Whoa, atheist peace.

Political forces rent bitter cold winds of discontent
And the modern age emerged triumphantly.
But now it seems we've stalled and it's time to de-evolve
And relive the dark chapters of history.

Yeah (tell me what we're fighting for),
No progress ever came from war;
Only a false sense of increase.
And the world won't wait
For the truth upon a plate,
But we’re ready now to feast
On an atheist peace.

Oh, atheist peace.

Thanks to Phil Campeau for correcting these lyrics

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