"Glory Days" lyrics


"Glory Days"

From hometown here to rubble rock n roll
We were four young kids just searching for our souls
Now getting older and I'll never forget
Every time, everyplace, every person we met
Let's go!

This one's for the friends in the sky
We're still here and we never die
Parrot on my shoulder patch on my eye
Living like pirates don't ask why
Still waking up never on time
Nothing to show not even a dime
Listen to us and we'll tell you why
These are our glory days

[Chorus: x2]
Glory days, glory days
Hey, hey, hey
These are glory days

Down at the pub wishing you were there
But we know that your spirit's in the air
Barbecue on the summer nights
Fighting with the brothers we know it's alright
Passing out there's always room here
Open up the fridge crack the last beer
We're living for now remember the past
Raise your glass we know it's gonna last

[Chorus x3]

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