"Soul Sucker" lyrics


"Soul Sucker"

Sucked back into a place
Where all I ever see is the actions of the possessed
Their hands are tied but they’re still digging their graves
Arrested by their own debt
I see their lives on the line
The more they fight the more they’re falling behind
I see them falling in front of my eyes
Each chance I’m given I try to escape
A part of me that I’ll never embrace
These greedy hands have been choking my dreams
So now it’s up to me
I’m face to face with what’s been killing the one’s around me
The blindest eyes could even notice the pain that I see
Their different lives planned their demise
But now this world that I’m living in is self destructing
Fools in my way and I can hear what they say
So now it’s clear
They’ll never find their way

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