"Rainy Days" lyrics


"Rainy Days"

For rainy days I started up a radio station for girls.
Girls asked for ALL's love songs, like that lonely shy voice that said "Hi, I'm Allison again".
Sad moments in her life had led her to a lonely place, where love or friends does not exist.
She needed to be loved, but a wrong meaning of love had her dad
He killed Allison's innocence
Oh rainy days
Bye girl, the girl inside had just passed away
Bye girl, her innocence was raped on a rainy day
On the last summers days, he didn't called
really strange, better I called to knew about her
(on the telephone) Me: "Dear Lady, I'm looking for Allison"
Mom: Sorry boy, but a few days ago,
on a rainy day, she committed suicide
Oh rainy days
Bye girl

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