"White Nigger" lyrics


"White Nigger"

Well, you don't know what you want
You’re working everyday in your restaurant
Your life is slipping out of control
Lose your job gonna lose you soul

Now boy
Young and white, so you wanna make it bigger
Boy, you better watch your step, white nigger

When you were young you had such big plans
You had such big ambitions gonna be a good man
I say look at you now, oh what a coward
Living your life but you don't know how to live

Boy (little boy)
Young and white, so you try to make it bigger
Boy, you just don't understand, do you white nigger?

Work like a devil, work like a dog
Where does it get you, where do you go

Work for the money, work for the show
Work for the people that you don't know

Young and white, so you wanna make it bigger
Boy, you better watch your step - white nigger

I see you driving around in your car
Pretend you're not what you really are
Just look in the mirror, just look in your eyes
what you discover will be no surprise

Something is missing, something's wrong
You got your money but something's gone
Something you had right from the start
You should have listened to your heart

Work like a dog, work like a slave
Work like a devil, and what have you made?

You’re working like a dog, work 9-5
Working shaking his hand you're staying alive
Where you gonna go?
Work, work every day
Work your life away and sure it pays
But where does it get you, where are you now
Come on white nigger

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