"Sons Of Corvinus" lyrics


"Sons Of Corvinus"

Born again with my senses heightened.
This new existence of mine leaves you awfully frightened.
I've been born again with my senses heightened.
I hear you pray, "Dear God, please let this night end".

I live and feed off of human blood.
I am the unholy creature living in caves
and coffins filled with cursed dirt from fields of the black death.

From the dead of night I come creeping in.
I'll end your life and start it again all while you are sleeping.

We've waited far too long.
We can't stay here any longer.
At this point I'm too far gone.
The night is young, it's getting colder.

The sunrise is so far away.
I sleep by day, dead to the world.
My shadow engulfs you into a slumber,
one that you will never wake from.
There's no turning back from here.
This cold existence will haunt you forever.
You've been had and now you're trapped.
All dreams die in my desolate castle.

Blood lust. Blood is life.
My teeth sink into your quiet slumber.
I sang her soul, the call of the death bird.
I spread my wings to escape the horrors of the night.

The masses are dying from wounds I have left them.
It spread like scourge through a ship.
One by one they all fell to me.

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