"Embrace The Plague" lyrics


"Embrace The Plague"

You're fucking worthless. Say what you want about me.
I know what you see when you look in the mirror.
You're swimming in a sea of pride and drowning in self-loathing.
You avoid me like the plague.
When I see you there'll be hell to pay.
And believe me when I say I never wanted this.

You've fallen victim to the latest trend,
and don't you think I know how this will end?
When you open your mouth you spread your lies like disease.
So keep your mouth shut. Don't fucking speak.

I remember the day that you turned on me.
You had nothing to say when I was in your face.
Your are nothing but a fucking waste.
Now let me put you in your goddamn place.

I am your voice of reason.
You are nothing more than a mannequin of flesh and blood.
An empty shell of what used to be a man.

Say all you want about me.
I know what you see when you look in the mirror.
Can you fully grasp what you have become?
Did you forget where you fucking came from?

You started to change when that fucking bitch came into play.
Tossing aside who meant the most.
Exceeding all my expectations.

You see your life through a broken lens.
Your vision skewed, and your life is a lie.
Your like a dog that needs to be put down.
You're all bark and no bite.
Can't look me in the eyes.

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