"Clarity" lyrics



So here's another story of a boy who lost his way,
while waging a war on insecurity's and as he held her in
his arms, he felt the distance break the bond all along.

I think we just need some solid ground from living so
high up in the clouds, did you really think I'd make it out?

I've been stuck in a body with one too many flaws, I'm flawed.
I always hated the words "I'm sorry" but please take it, its
the best I got. So what if I told you this was a chance to be
your song? Well your parents would scream that I'm keeping you
lost, I could never be what they fucking want when I cant even
be the man you want.

I hate the way I get when I fall in love I, cant think straight
so I had to write this song about the way she moves and the way
she talks. Pardon me but have you seen this girl? I'm beginning
to think I'm losing it all without her, I wish I just knew what
it's like to have her. I miss her.

I'd still give blood to you if you bid me adieu, I wont give in
if you say "Its over" listen up as these words are sober. If
there's a knight in shining armor there just waiting on your heart,
just know I'd let you go even if that means my world is destined
to fall apart. (I just love you so damn much.)

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