"Watchdog (For A Better Place Of Life)" lyrics


"Watchdog (For A Better Place Of Life)"

What have I let myself become
amidst the corporate foundations that I soldier in,
contradicting my all
in unfulfilling trials for a better piece of life.

I am a fake impostor to the impending roster of this middle management,
defining inequality, based on description.

When did all my fighting end?
Somewhere in all the fray of this gold rush.
Somewhere in the distraction of prime time TV
I so carelessly let my kids absorb.
Educate in vain. Educate in vain.

Somewhere in the midst of it all I realized
I'm just another sinking level of this deadening task.
I'm not a separate class but a watchdog
on poor kids and single moms inside the pen.
Pushing output. Excited at blows against equality,
mutual respect. I'm just another dick in this boys club.
Pushing someone else's over conservative policies
and dehumanizing in this new role,

where did I go wrong?

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