"Pelted Lies" lyrics


"Pelted Lies"

We’ve lost another war that no one knows we are fighting in. We’ll go on with covered eyes held tight against the pelting lies. I’ll take a breath and relieve you of everything you’ve grown to love. You’ll take two steps back and try to fight me to forget what you’ve just been told. The bright radiation of TV spills seeping shit intoxicating. You say “fuck you. You are going insane”. The shades hold strong, and ignorant at the fact that you live in content so willingly. It won’t make sense until it’s gone and we’ve lost all will to resolve. When there’s not much left to do we’ll have proved ourselves enslaved... With a satisfied expression we grow very cold and sinister and self-fulfilled, unknowingly we fall. Strung along within the wash and some phoney cause. Don’t lie down and takes this easy. Rebuild yourself. It’s your right. Stop running into these dead ends. Your bruised head from blind collision represents the bright radiation of TV. Still seeping shit intoxicating you. Have you ever realized or evaluated different ways of thinking that we can exist? Let your feelings drive you somewhere you would not expect to change your everything (what?)

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