"Occupation 101" lyrics


"Occupation 101"

The brave and tireless corporate armies running small children into landfill graves. A population control disguised as “threat control” to protect the homeland. And we give in. No one dare oppose them. We love our self-interests. They drop bombs, poison wells, shoot kids and block all aid; Justified terrorists, terror state, and holocaust. No you won’t see this, not here at home. No child is left behind to roost any revenge. They got the angles covered. They got the scores all fixed. They got us all distracted. We love our self-interests. They block all the exits with their armies that will fucken kill you. They’re building prison systems and shutting down the schools; brand new communities to hold if you’ll approve (and you’ll approve). They keep this system running with no one making waves, rocking boats or fighting back; suppressing what we say. They’ve paralyzed all self-defence a named it Enemy because self-defence is “terrorism” in gated communities. They’ve already begun. We’ve already given in allowing them into our homes and bar-coding our families. No one here gets out alive so step in line or be reduced to barren land. The streets fill with orphaned kids; faces stained with blood and tears... Only a moment’s time to mourn the loss of mom and dad before they are all extinct.

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