"Horrible Truths" lyrics


"Horrible Truths"

How can we let this end without the necessity to drag shit out we don’t know. Your innocence is no more than ignorance. How I’d love to hold you in protection saving you from horrible truths. You’ve always pointed and laughed at. How desperate these days grow in the midst of our great collapse and evolution. But we’ll get a glimpse of a different side and a different story. No morning glory. No anxious days of regret. I hope I’m fucken wrong for the sake of my own innocence. But this is not anything new or insightful. The scariest parts will be the desperate positions thrown on us. Seeing friends and family dying to survive. The hardest part will be to stay well-armed with a strong mentally and not to sell your soul, not to be afraid, not to quiet down and fight for what you love. Reality looks better on TV where melodramatic robots play. Take a vote. We interact dissolved in content of what we think we know.

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