"The Plot" lyrics


"The Plot"

trees with no leaves, lowlit and broken.
i woke up alone, i swore i had no legs, and it haunts me still.

shoulders bent away. you’re miserable, but i was there first.
everything has been figured out, except how to live.

emptiness is just the result of complacence.
a pit of nothing acts the way that i do.
our routine is just as bleak as our despondence.
feelings don't phase me, they faded long ago.

you can’t forget, apathy is easier...
you can't forget that.

there is no beauty here at all.
i feel hollow, and you're dead inside.
nothing more than contempt or resentment.
we'll never be who we were.
my disdain pushed everybody away, but you stayed and you hate me for it.

still, you can't forget apathy is easier than resilience.

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