"Got Filk?" lyrics


"Got Filk?"

Got Filk?
A love story's what you're about to hear
It's about a girl who wasn't sincere yeah
I asked her out and she didn't refuse
But everyday it was a new excuse
I was confused didn't know what to do
Everywhere I looked no one to turn to lies mistrust and all that shit
She left me vulnerable and in pain
I know its sad but my life's a shame
Simple and complex it always stays the same
Sex no love and no passion
Just pleasure won't make me deal always playing with my head
To think I thought you were really disturbed that late at night
My friend Dave needs help from you seven simple numbers
8 6 7 4 6 8 2
I wish I could fucking learn
To fucking walk
Or fucking run
Or fucking drive a car
Or fucking play guitar
Or fucking sing and fucking dance
And be a fucking star
Maybe then you'd see that I don't need you on my knob
Back off step off die
I try and tell me you've hurt me for the last time
You little whore and a half only thinking about yourself
But now that I'm fading out
Isn't it funny how there's no one else thanks for telling me you cared
All my common sense was gone
If you make me so damn mad why can't I keep my pants on
Maybe this is just a trick
Wait that's you yeah I forgot
Go to hell and suck my dick
Scratch that last part better not.

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