"BFFAEAE" lyrics



I fucked the world.
From Carolina to St. Louis, my seed in every girl.
I took it all from granted and I'll take it all for granted 'til I die.
So take it off.
The t-shirt and the skirt so I can see your panties and your bra.
I hate to take advantage, but I need to take advantage of you.
And yes this means we can't be friends.
Everyone around us knows and everyone's in on the joke.
This joke's a joke that never ends.
and everyone's in one the joke.
I didn't ever think that you would notice.
You didn't think that I would notice.
You didn't even think that I could do this.
I didn't think that you would do this. Do the backstab.
(Come on everybody, do the backstab!)
I always knew it, asshole. You're fired. You didn't quit.
I broke the pact.
Took all your trust and hard work. Introduced it to my lap.
It kills to be dishonest but you're not an exception to the rule.
All of the sponsorships and free CDs.
The little boys look up to me.
The worship of the little girls.
My only chance to fuck the world.
I hate to take advantage, but I need to take advantage of you.
[And when we break up, we'll drop our eyes like little girls.]
Excuse me. I... blah... blah blah. Sorry. Sorry.
I haven't done a single thing.
I won't admit to anything.
You lied your way into my wallet.
I will lie my way into your bed.
I trusted wrong
and once again my judgment was far from fucking on.
You can't repair the damage. Some mistakes can never be undone.
I lost control.
I wanted to believe that I could trust another soul.
But everyone's a liar and I'm so damn naive I should be shot.
And yes, this means I'll spend the night drinking by myself and watching movies I've already seen.
And yes, this means I'll spend the night reading my band's message board and hoping someone out there gets me.
And yes, this means I'll spend the night looking at my cell phone checking up on calls I might have missed.
And even though I'm all alone I'm glad that we're not friends.

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