"Irish Coffee" lyrics


"Irish Coffee"

If you don't say that you need it,
does it just walk away, so fleeting?
Does it burn a hole through your stomach wall?
The papers go unread
and form a small moment to failure.
I know it brings out the best in me.

Still aware of reason,
but that fucker's crack from freezing
and I'm so far from beginning.

You've been eating nothing but cigarettes.
You've been drinking nothing but irish coffee.
It burns a hole through your stomach wall
I've been doing nothing but sleeping.
I've been dreaming of nothing but keeping in,
and I know it brings out the best in me.

So why should I be afraid?
If there's nothing but minimum wage
to get me out the door.
If there's only loss and despair.
You find a reason to wake up.
You run to live it out,
as if nothing short of death
could keep you dead.

I'm feeling sick of being used
and waiting to be used.
Waiting just for nothing.

Thanks to Garrett for these lyrics

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