Every shift is a graveyard and every step is a sigh.
Every smile from a strange is a new cause for doubt and a lowering of eyes.
So I'm dragging my feet around this place like I'm dragging a lake,
trying to uncover a corpse; the remains of the hours still left in the day.

I dreamt last night of resignation.
Giving in's the stuff of dreams
when buried 40 hours deep in another week.
Just let me sleep.

It's a nightly
to my conscience
of the comforts
my compromises afford me.
It's a story
on a bad check
in red pen
of failing to make
these dead ends meet.

Exhaustion closes my eyes for me.
A few hours of restless sleep.
Detachment: Only slight relief.
Cut my regrets with apathy.

So what's the difference if
there's a light at the end
of a tunnel that will
just end up caving in?

Thanks to Garrett for these lyrics

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