"Threat Level Midnight" lyrics


"Threat Level Midnight"

This one goes out to 4 am, half wide awake, six voices in back, take my foot off the brake.
Time comes at us way too fast, so we savior this and make it last.
As the sun starts to rise I hear a voice in my head, as we drown away all the things we regret.
Nights like these we won't forget, confess our sins through cigarettes.

Let's get this straight, I'm not a pawn in a game.
Gimme a crown and I'll put you to shame, I'll take your best shot with a grin on my face.
Don't get me wrong, you couldn't phase me if you tried.

I think it's funny how you tried to play it off, like you always had a heart.
Her smile hides a twisted story, one I've read and put behind me.
You know that I'd give my left arm to see that look on your face when I drove away.
A vulgar gesture kept at bay, and all those things I couldn't say.

These words of wisdom have cleared all ignorance through my ears.
They were right, you took off running.
I don't call those motherfuckers best friends for nothing.

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